2022 – 2023 Annual Report

Photo by Diego Delso, CC BY-SA 4.0File provided by Wikimedia Commons
Photo by Diego Delso, CC BY-SA 4.0File provided by Wikimedia Commons


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The Wikimedia Endowment supported projects and people that are making a sustained and significant difference across Wikimedia’s websites — and in the lives of users around the world.


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JULY 1, 2022 – JUNE 30, 2023


Beginning assets (market value as of July 1, 2022)99,893,169
Gifts received14,097,487
Investment gains\losses10,757,300
General & Administrative925,281
– Grants3,229,466
– Other116,122
Total Expenses5,335,258
Market value as of June 30, 2023119,412,698
Change in market value in FY 22-23 19,519,529
Photo by Benh LIEU SONG, CC BY-SA 3.0File provided by Wikimedia Commons
Photo by Dietmar Rabich, CC BY-SA 4.0File provided by Wikimedia Commons


Merciधन्यवादGraciasありがとうشكراًDankeAsanteշնորհակալությունThank you!

We thank and appreciate the generous benefactors of the Wikimedia Endowment. Your steadfast support ensures the long-term sustainability and growth of Wikimedia projects, empowering millions worldwide with access to free encyclopedic knowledge for generations.

  • Arcadia
  • Amazon
  • Paula Begoun
  • Michael Brown
  • Karel Bujok
  • Annette Campbell-White
  • Alex and Patricia Farman-Farmaian
  • Carol Fryer and Bernard Moret
  • Laurie and Thomas Fusco
  • Peter Gadwa
  • Howard Gilman Foundation
  • Holly Gray
  • Marie Griffin and Robert Coffey
  • Steven Hamburger
  • In honor of Hank and Demaris Hudspeth
  • Christine & Jordan Kaplan
  • Karen A. and Kevin W. Kennedy Foundation
  • Khandros-Bloch Family
  • Victor Linck
  • Meraj Manal
  • Moneta Asset Management
  • In memory of Richard and Virginia Neufeld
  • The O’Brien Family, New Jersey
  • Tim and Mary Riordan
  • Unger Foundation
  • Mike Weiss
  • Ross Annable
  • Sarah Anderson
  • Michael Ashby and Nancy Till
  • Patricia A Aufderheide
  • Ken and Valerie Baker
  • Romelle Castle
  • Anjan Chatterjee
  • Nicholas Chu
  • Ms. Virginia Clark
  • Michael Danahy, Ph.D.
  • Helen Darling
  • Chris Dobson
  • John Dove
  • Greg Durrett
  • Yoseph Feit
  • Anita and John Fiorillo
  • Susan Leigh Foster
  • Walter Nicholas Freygang
  • Thomas and Elizabeth Gewecke
  • Edwin A. Goodman
  • Jack Goodman
  • Loretta Montanari Gottshall
  • Ronald & Peian Harness
  • Mari Nordby Harpur
  • Jack Hetherington
  • In memory of Professor Dr. Walter Higbee
  • Ernest Hildner
  • In honor of Zach Intrater and Marc Agnifilo
  • Kent Janér
  • Peter and Linda Jeschofnig
  • Eric Jones and Daniel Monasterio
  • John Kiely
  • Irene Kuhn
  • Peter Ian Kuniholm
  • Sally Lawrence and David Lai
  • Jerry LeClaire
  • Lisa Lewin
  • Elizabeth Liebman
  • Ian Longshore
  • Robert Lonergan
  • In memory of my sister MADELEINE
  • Alexander Main
  • Clara McCreery
  • Mr. Thomas McDavitt
  • Peter and Heather McHugh
  • Patricia & Charles Mintz
  • Perry Mitchell
  • Judith S Morton
  • Netflix
  • One Point Of Light Foundation Inc
  • Jeremiah Ostriker
  • Robert Quillin
  • Mary Patterson
  • Barbara Perreault
  • Matthew Petrosky
  • Jonathan Pool
  • Stephen Powelson
  • Lorraine and Gary Roberts
  • Terry Rossow
  • Nathan and Nancy Sambul
  • David Sassen
  • Charles Schade
  • Rogil Schroeter
  • Stephen Shank
  • Bill Spindler
  • Frederick Stanton
  • Frank and Cheryl Stearn
  • Elizabeth Story
  • Jon Thaler
  • Kelly Townsend
  • Jack Triplett
  • Lonna Wais
  • Doron Weber
  • Beverly and Darrell Weaver
  • K.L. Won
  • Mr. Eugene Yarovoi
  • Christopher Yetman
Photo by Yare zaman2000, CC BY-SA 4.0File provided by Wikimedia Commons


The Wikimedia Foundation

Discover the heart of the Wikimedia Foundation’s impact in its 2022/2023 Annual Report. Explore the stories, initiatives, and achievements here.

Photo by Jpbarrass, CC BY-SA 4.0File provided by Wikimedia Commons

And that’s 2023 wrapped

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